Choosing a Divorce Attorney

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a taxing time for all those going through the experience. Dealing with the hardships of starting over with a new life, dividing all of your assets with your previous partner, and dealing with every emotion you are feeling; it can get even more difficult if there are children involved in the process. When you are facing a divorce, you will need to find a divorce attorney in Long Island who will strive to reach the most appropriate agreement for you and your family. A divorce attorney in Long Island will have the education and experience to reach a settlement, will keep your goals in mind during the whole process, and can provide these services at a reasonable price.

Experience and Skills

Many lawyers will provide you with the services that you need for divorce proceedings. However, they may have the experience you need during your divorce. Finding a divorce attorney in Long Island can ease the process of divorce and will explain any and all steps that will happen. Many times you and your ex-partner will come to an agreement in mediation. In this case you will need a divorce lawyer who is able to problem solve and compromise between both parties. If you know that the divorce will head to a trial, or if there is a possibility of a trial, you should look at the courtroom experience of your divorce lawyer.

Cost of Hiring

Most attorneys will bill you based on an hourly fee. However, there are some situations where you and your attorney can agree to a flat rate fee. Divorce attorneys will not be able to estimate how much of their time will be taken up with your divorce and means they would rather be paid by the hour. Most attorneys charge an hourly fee. While this option costs more money out of pocket for you, it ensures that the lawyer is adequately paid for their labor. In most cases, lawyers will only accept flat fees if the task is simple; for example, when they just need to fill out and file the paperwork.

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