The Importance of Having a Divorce Lawyer in Salina, KS

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Divorce Attorney

Not all divorces involve a great deal of acrimony and hard feelings. At times, the two parties may both agree that divorce is in the best interests of both of them. They may even already have an idea of how they want to divide assets, share custody of any children, and all the other aspects of ending the marriage. Even though they are in agreement, it is still important for each party to engage the services of a Divorce Lawyer in Salina KS.

Why Counsel for Each Party?

Many people assume lawyers are only needed when there is some difference of opinion between the two parties. While that situation does call for each person to hire legal counsel, even people who are willing to cooperate with one another to end the marriage should refrain from using one attorney. The fact of the matter is that a Divorce Lawyer in Salina KS, can legally only represent one party in the divorce action. This means the remaining party will have to take on the task of reading over the terms of the divorce and handling any negotiations on small points that may come up. That party without legal representation will usually be named the defendant in the action, regardless of what led to the demise of the marriage.

A Change of Heart

What may start out as an amicable divorce can change while the proceedings are in place. This can often be due to factors that arise the other party was not aware of previously. In addition, assumptions made by both parties about how certain assets will be divided can suddenly become a roadblock to the dissolution of the marriage. If both parties have their own legal counsel, the potential for working through these unanticipated issues with a minimum of rancor is greatly enhanced. The bottom line is that both parties in a divorce action should secure counsel. This is true even when problems or objections are not likely to take place.

For individuals who are seeking divorces, it pays to seek attorneys to represent their interests, Contact them for consultations, and get the process moving. In short order, the details will be worked out to the satisfaction of all concerned and it will be possible to start planning new lives.



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