Things To Talk About With Your Family Law Attorney In Oceanside Before Going To Court

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Divorce Attorney

Before having your family law attorney in Oceanside file a family law case for you such as a divorce, make sure that you are first considering all of the following things. Many people mistakenly think that family law is a piece of cake, that when both parties really want a divorce or a legal separation, that because it is the right thing to do, it will be easier to deal with. However, making sure that you take the following precautions prior to filing any suits or petitions in family court will go far to help the process much easier for you.

There Is No Such Thing As Privacy On The Internet

Never assume that your social network profile is safe. Anything that you post online, regardless of your privacy settings on these accounts, is fair game when it comes to court cases. For instance, if you have vacation photos posted on your social profile account but are trying to get an increase in child support from your former spouse based on not being able to afford childcare, you will not be taken seriously in court and may even get less than what you want and feel you deserve. Talk to your family law attorney in Oceanside about possibly taking down your social networking accounts altogether until the outcome of your case.

Be Careful About How You Talk To Your Ex

While it is important that you are still amenable and willing to communicate with the other party, you should avoid threatening communication and behavior towards him or her. Do not harass them or generally try to make their life miserable just because you feel resentful or angry towards them. If you are about to sue them or file a petition for divorce, do not make the mistake of letting the other party know. Your family law attorney in Oceanside wants to help you but can only do so as long as you yourself are being as cooperative as possible. This includes not doing anything that is going to indicate you are being less than agreeable with the other party.

Do Not Get The Kids Involved

There is one rule in family law that you should follow above all others. That is to leave the children out of it. No matter how much you are hurting, your children are hurting worse. The family that they have always known is being disconnected and your children, who do best when they have a routine and know what is expected of them, are going to be very confused. Divorcing parents make the tragic mistake all too often of getting children involved, pitting their kids against the other parent, and other egregious errors. Whenever possible, leave your kids out of the mix. Talk to your family law attorney Oceanside about the things you can do to help make divorce easier for the kids.



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