Top Reasons Why People Seek the Services of a Divorce Attorney in Orange, Texas

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Divorce Attorney, Lawyers

Research shows that people spend on average about two years thinking about filing for divorce before they take action. Research also reveals that couples may take as long as 18 months to try to fix a marriage before opting for divorce. In addition, findings unveiled that about one-third of the respondents perceived divorce as a failing.

Plus, facts show that fewer people are getting married today. Therefore, divorce can be an emotional step in anyone’s life. However, if you seek support and help from a divorce attorney in Orange, Texas, the process will be a less stressful event.

Why People Chose Divorce

According to studies, most people initiate proceedings with a divorce attorney for the following reasons:

1. One of the spouses cheated on the other spouse.

2. One or both of the parties in the marriage was not happy.

3. Ongoing conflicts.

4. Both parties agreed that they no longer loved one another.

5. Communicative difficulties.

6. Each party stated that he or she had different goals in life.

7. One or both spouses had changed.

8. Spouses said that they stopped planning activities together.

9. One partner physically or emotionally abused the other partner.

10. Financial difficulties.

Discussing Divorce

Over half of the research respondents said that they discussed divorce with another person before they expressed their wishes to their spouses and an Orange divorce attorney. Some of the people with whom they spoke included siblings, friends, and parents.

In addition to discussing divorce with other people, about 40% of the survey participants admitted that they also sought marital counseling. About 50% of the research subjects also noted that they had tried to save their marriages for the children’s benefit. If you are in a marriage that you feel is irreparable, then you may need to first express your concerns to a divorce attorney. By taking this step, you can see how best to proceed with the activity.

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