Taking Legal Action After Medical Malpractice Has Occurred

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Lawyer

Medical malpractice occurs with astonishing frequency in the United States each year. In fact, there are some 195,000 avoidable deaths that happen because of medical errors every year. If you or a loved one has been the victim of malpractice, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Hiring a medical malpractice lawyer in St. Petersburg FL can help you regain your life again. An attorney can file a suit in your behalf, represent you throughout the duration of your case, and can get a monetary award to help you recover. In many cases an attorney will consult with you free of charge and will never bill you for his services unless you are awarded money. Filing a suit with an attorney who understands the complexities of malpractice cases can provide you with closure and allow you to heal.

The biggest cause of injuries and deaths that occur each year results from medication errors. Physicians can get in a hurry to move from evaluating one patient to the next and can accidentally prescribe the wrong medication. Nursing staff can also become busy when the hospital census rises. It places a huge amount of responsibility on the nursing staff when the nurse to patient ratio increases-that can result in missed medications, the administration of wrong medications, and giving the wrong dose of medication to a number of patients. These medication errors are considered negligence and can be avoided. If you or a loved one has been injured because of a medication error, call a medical malpractice lawyer in St. Petersburg FL area. Doing so can help you recover from your loss and it can also prevent the same mistake from happening to another person in the future.

Hospitals are liable for the medical staff they hire and have practicing within their facility. When things go awry there is recourse. Patients can become neglected because the nursing staff is spread too thin to properly attend to the needs of all the patients. Birthing injuries occur more frequently than you may care to believe, and can result in disability and death. Get the proper attention you need if you are the victim of malpractice.

Attorneys who understand medical malpractice can argue in your behalf, and can do so with effectiveness if they have represented a number of malpractice victims. Oftentimes after malpractice has occurred patients and family members of patients do not have the strength to battle the attorneys representing the opposing side. Hire a medical medical malpractice lawyer in St. Petersburg FL and allow yourself to heal and to regain your former life.

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