Will and Trust Attorneys Help Prepare for the Future

by | May 29, 2014 | Legal Services

Preparing for the future where property and estates are concerned is important. Not only does it help ease the burden of dealing with the loss of a loved one, it makes certain that families are not tied up in all of the red tape a death can cause. Creating a will or trust is just as significant as purchasing insurance and investing in retirements. In the fine state of Georgia, this is an important task that should be handled by a will and trust attorney in Atlanta.

Trusts Are One of Two Main Instruments to Protect Assets and Property from Probate

A trust can be established while you are still living or set forth upon your death by stating such in a will. Different types of trusts also determine the amount of control over the property that is founded within it. In order to make sure your trust is created with the exact legal terms you expect to be upheld, it is imperative to speak with experienced will and trust attorneys who are capable of helping you create the trust you require.

A Will Establishes Guardianship and Property Inherence

The legal documentation that states who will inherit property after you die is a will. A will also identifies who to name as a guardian for children upon your death. If you do not have a will in place, there is no control over what happens concerning your property or your children. It is important to understand your rights and how you can protect your family after your death. With the direction of a professional will and trust attorney, you can rest easy knowing that your will is written with precision and insight.

Probate and What it Means

Regardless of whether you have a will or trust in place, or not, an estate will endure the process of probate. The legal process of probate makes sure that property is distributed according to a will, or a state’s laws if no will or trust is in place. Probate can take up to a year in order to validate the will concerning creditors and heirs. In some cases this can lead to probate court. Establishing a will or trust that will not be considered invalid, and holds up disbursement of property, needs to be created by qualified and experienced will and trust attorneys.

The Libby Law Firm proudly offers estate planning services that include the creation of wills and trusts. When only a professional and experienced will and trust attorney in Atlanta, GA will do, schedule an appointment to begin the process of protecting your estate.


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