Freedom From Debt is Possible When Using an Expert Bankruptcy Attorney In Washington County

by | May 27, 2014 | Lawyers

If you are seeking financial relief from a mountain of burdensome debts which you have no way of paying off, then you need to contact a bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy is an honorable way to resolve the debts that are plaguing you and keeping you awake at nights. You can make the bill collectors move on because once you file for bankruptcy no one can contact you on behalf of a creditor.

The value of filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for the family or the single person is immediate relief from all debts. You will be required to produce an inventory of all of your assets and a proof of all income received by both parties if married. These will be used by the court appointed trustee to ensure that you are not hiding assets which you really do not need and which could be liquidated to payoff your debts.

You are allowed to keep pre-paid cemetery plots but not a mausoleum. Antique cars will have to be sold if it makes sense to do so to pay off debts. However, unless you live in a mansion, you will likely not be forced to sell your home. The Expert Bankruptcy Attorney In Washington County can advise you on exactly what you can keep and what you will need to sell.

It is important to understand the foreclosure proceedings because if you file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which is a financial reorganization program the foreclosure stops and the payments are restructured. You have 5 years to make up the missed payments.

Filing for bankruptcy can give you a new financial start in life. It can also provide you with freedom from staying awake at night worrying about wage and bank account attachments. You will be able to better plan your financial expenses. You will also be eligible for some credit because you cannot declare bankruptcy again for 7 years.

It is important to have a bankruptcy attorney who to work through any issue that may be presented during your bankruptcy filing. Discussing your specific case with an attorney can quickly get you started on the road to financial recovery.. Get more information here.

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