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If you are Thinking of Applying for Social Security Disability Income in South Dakota

by | Mar 4, 2024 | Legal Services

You have worked hard your whole life and paid into the Social Security system with every paycheck you got. Now the time has come when you can no longer work due a disability. You understand that there are options within that system that will help you to live, day to day, with a stable income as long as you remain disabled.

You have read all the rules and read them again but still the main points of what you need to do to qualify are not getting any traction in your mind. A friend has suggested that the best way to go about submitting the appropriate application is to visit and hire a lawyer that specializes in this.

You know that some people try to qualify on their own but that this process is often denied and then an appeal must be put in. For an appeal you are best off using an Ssi disability South Dakota lawyer. You decide that rather than going the original application alone, that you should hire an Ssi disability South Dakota lawyer now and then that will, hopefully, make the entire process easier and more successful.

Some of your friends have begun the process in that way, hiring a lawyer at the beginning and it seems to you that they were less stressed about the whole thing.

You are looking for an attorney with vast experience in the entire SSI Disability process and one who knows the system well. That would be an advantage for you and maybe your case. To reach an excellent SSI Disability lawyer, reach out to Ficek Law, PC today.

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