Why You Shouldn’t File an Insurance Claim without a Car Accident Lawyer Park Ridge

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Lawyer

A lot of car accident victims are conned out of money that rightfully belongs to them as a result of filing an insurance claim without an attorney. What they are not aware of is that while insurance companies do a lot of branding to persuade the consumer that they’re protecting them, this is not always the case in the midst of an accident. While securing insurance for your car is essential, insurance companies are designed to protect their bottom line, and in some cases, will offer low settlement amounts to consumers. Below are just a few more reasons why you should never file an insurance claim without the advice of a Car Accident Lawyer Park Ridge.

They Will Negotiate Low

When you think about it, no insurance company is going to be successful if they’re constantly shelling out large settlement amounts to those that have been injured in an accident. Therefore, the insurance companies will make what sounds like a reasonable offer so that the consumer will settle out of court. However, many clients have regretted accepting the settlement offer because it was not enough to compensate for their injuries.

They Will Try to Point The Finger At You

No one wants to be the fall guy after an accident has occurred. The insurance companies do not want to have to pay large amounts of money, and the other party does not want to be proven at fault. Therefore, they will try as best they can to prove that you were at fault in some way. When initially filing your claim without an attorney, you might say things that could imply you had some guilt. Insurance companies will use this recorded information to get them off the hook of having to pay. An attorney can assure that you don’t say anything to incriminate yourself.

Even if you have an insurance company that is willing to negotiate and admit fault, understanding the legal jargon that is presented in contracts and other paperwork can be difficult. Signing on the dotted line without a Car Accident lawyer Firm having looked over it can be disastrous. For these reasons and more, you should make sure to consult with Therman Law Offices Park Ridge for assistance with filing insurance claims after an auto accident.

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