You Have Every Right to Be Paid: The Other Side of Bankruptcy

by | Jul 18, 2014 | Law

Many times when people think about bankruptcy it is from the point of view of the individual that must file in order to be able to financially survive. There is another side to bankruptcy that leaves businesses with no other choice other than to try and collect what money they can for services already rendered, or products already received. A business must get paid in order to stay in operation. It is not easy trying to collect from individuals who have filed for bankruptcy. A business needs legal assistance from professionals in the legal bankruptcy field such as a Henderson Bankruptcy Lawyer.

Contact Attorneys with Many Years of Experience

When you get ready to hire an attorney to help you with bankruptcy cases, you need to make sure they have many years of experience in the field. This ensures that they have dealt with issues of the same nature concerning bankruptcy and how to collect for you. Attorneys with more experience are going to be able to assist you in cost effective manners, as well. While speaking to a bankruptcy attorney, be sure to ask about their experience practicing law in the Federal Bankruptcy Court too. You need legal service that is committed to providing you with honest and dedicated solutions backed with integrity.

Protect Your Rights during Bankruptcy Proceedings

Many debtors are going to try and keep from paying their debt back to their creditors. As a creditor, it is wise to make sure you have professional legal advice that can ensure you are protected. A lot of times collection matters slip into bankruptcy. At this point you are now dealing with U.S. Bankruptcy Court. You need attorneys that are familiar with the proceedings, and that know how to make sure you can still seek collection of debts owed to you.

Sometimes Bankruptcy Proceedings Can Include Foreclosure

In some cases you will need an attorney that is also well-versed in foreclosures. It is possible that bankruptcy can lead to foreclosure. You need to understand the process, and there is no better way to comprehend your legal rights than to discuss them with a bankruptcy lawyer. They can explain the process and the legal steps that need to be taken to help you get paid. When you are speaking with a bankruptcy attorney, it is a good idea to find out how well they have worked with businesses in the area too. It is important that all legal proceedings have been handled with respect and great care.

At the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh, you are assured the attention of a Henderson bankruptcy lawyer that is well versed in bankruptcy laws. It is possible to receive payment on bankruptcy proceedings when you have professional legal counsel in your corner.

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