Use A Divorce Lawyer To Look Out For The Best Interests Of The Children

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Divorce Attorney

Although hiring a divorce attorney in Troy MI may ultimately be necessary, both parties will quickly discover that there will be important things lost. If the marriage involves children, then no one will lose more than the children will.

Divorce is a defensive measure. Marriage partners seek divorce as a way to protect themselves from problems they believe originate with their spouse. However, divorce is the opposite of a defensive measure for the children. It is actually the opposite. It is a devastating event with almost no gain. A responsible parent must make sure that the increase in their happiness is worth the devastation they will cause their children.

One of the most important responsibilities of a divorce attorney in Troy MI will be to look out for the best interests of the children. Often, neither spouse will be able to do so. Once one of the marriage partners decides to take the step and begin the divorce proceedings, then often their overriding concern is to get it over with as quickly as possible. In response, the other partner will be hurt and offended, and without an iron control over his or her emotions, will be lost in a whirlwind of retaliation. This acting out can even result in trying to use the kids as bargaining chips, or playing off the children, one parent against the other. Even mature adults will have difficulties in this regard. They will be using all of their energies to control their emotions, and the needs of their children can take a backseat to some extent.

This is the power of a divorce attorney in Troy MI. He will be concerned for you and the children, but in a way that does not affect his decision-making. While his client may be wrestling with his or her emotions, he will be rationally considering all of the facts.

Specifically, your divorce lawyer in Troy MI will be working with your spouse’s attorney to make sure that the division of assets and the allocation of future income follow the best interests of the children. They will work together to make sure that the children go to the parent with the healthiest environment, not the biggest ego. He will make sure their financial needs are met, not only for the present, but also throughout their childhood into adulthood. During this time, they are often the best advocates for the children.

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