Child Custody Lawyers in Auburn, Indiana Helps Clients Understand Custody Arrangements

When it comes to a family separating, the couple must divide everything up. This is not just limited to the property, assets, and debts. The couple must also figure out who is going to get custody of the children. If they have already discussed it and are in agreement, it is usually not a big problem. It is just a matter of getting everything legally on record. But, if there is going to be some objection to the agreement, lawyers will have to be contacted for help. There are Child Custody Lawyers in Auburn Indiana who help clients with these matters.

When it comes to child custody, the courts will hear both sides in the hearing. However, the decision will be made on what is in the best interests of the child. Ideally, the hope is that joint legal custody can be granted, with both parents sharing responsibility for the care of the child or children. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out as smoothly as that. A lot of factors will be looked at. Is the parent who wants custody financially able to provide for the children? Do any of them have issues related to alcohol or drug usage?

Other considerations that may come into focus include how the child feels about each parent and how the relationship stands with each parent. Was there any unusual behavior with one parent? Did it seem that child abuse may have taken place? If child abuse is a factor, that automatically disqualifies the parent involved from having custody. If joint custody is not an option, then sole custody will be considered. There will be physical custody, which is the custodial parent with whom the child lives. There is also another custody arrangement where the other parent still makes decisions on behalf of their child.

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