Three Tips for Hiring a Corporate Attorney in Santa Barbara, CA

by | May 10, 2017 | Attorney, Lawyers

If you own a business and are considering incorporating it, you need to seek the advice of a business attorney. He or she can help you decide if incorporation is right for your company and draw up the legal papers that you’ll need as you move forward. Here are three tips for finding the right business attorney for your needs.

Look for Experience

The best attorney for your business with be someone who is familiar with your industry and the size of your organization. While you’ll want someone with experience, try to avoid a corporate attorney in Santa Barbara, CA who has worked for a competitor. Find an attorney with the appropriate experience whether you’re a startup or a large company with international customers.

Interview All Prospects

It’s important to find a corporate attorney with whom you can work closely so you will want to interview any prospects you have. As you speak with them, judge your rapport with the attorney and his or her willingness to answer your questions. If he or she seems irritated or rushed when you’re speaking with him or her, you should look elsewhere as this could be a sign that he or she sees you as just a way of making money and does not take your needs seriously.

Hire Someone Confident

A Santa Barbara corporate attorney needs to have confidence to stand by his or her convictions to the leadership within your company when their suggestions could be legally troubling for your business. It is his or her responsibility to ensure that your company complies with regulations so he or she may need to intervene to make sure that everyone maintains his or her integrity.

When you need a corporate attorney, experience is important as the attorney can help you navigate unfamiliar territory as your business grows. From the articles of incorporation to contracts with clients, he or she can make sure that all your dealings are legally sound.

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