Tips from a Car Accident Lawyer Tampa Professional: If Your Claim is Denied

by | Dec 28, 2012 | Legal Services

After you’re involved in an auto accident, you have a right to make a claim against the other party’s insurance company. In some states, you work with your insurance company which then makes a claim against the other driver’s insurance. In other states, you may be required to make the claim yourself. Unfortunately, the insurance company is going to deny your claim in many cases. That’s why you need a car accident lawyer Tampa professional on your side. Here are some common reasons the insurance company will try to avoid paying out on your claim.

You Avoided Medical Treatment at the Scene

One of the worst things you can do in terms of proving a case for the insurance company is turning down a medical evaluation at the scene of the accident. Getting evaluated is very important because it will show signs of injury right away. Even if you felt like everything was fine, you might not start feeling the pain of injuries for a couple days. If you don’t get evaluated right away, the other side could argue that any injuries you now have were not caused by the accident.

You Have Existing Injuries

Following an accident claim, the other driver’s insurance company is likely going to contact you. They will ask you a lot of questions. One of those questions is probably going to be about your medical history. If you’ve had previous injuries, the insurance company is going to argue that any injuries you have were pre-existing rather than a result of the collision.

You Were at Fault for the Accident

Regardless of where the fault lies with a collision, both drivers are going to say it wasn’t their fault. That’s because their insurance premiums will increase. Even if it was 100 percent the other driver’s fault, their insurance company is going to try to deny that until they receive official verification otherwise.

You Have No Proof of Injuries

Injuries result in higher payouts from insurance companies. That’s why they will try to deny the seriousness of your injuries or they will try to deny that they even exist. Within a day or two of the accident, you should always see a medical professional. Tell them that you were involved in an accident and you would like to have x-rays and other diagnostics so you can get proof of any injuries that you have. Get your injuries documented right away and then contact a car accident lawyer Tampa professional who will fight for your compensation against the other driver’s insurance company.

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