Information About Social Security Disability Attorney In Oakland CA

If you have not received your social security funds for disability it is time to contact a Social Security Disability attorney in Oakland CA. You need an expert who knows the law and can help you get the money you’re rightfully owed. Many people feel they don’t have a choice when they are not receiving their social security disability funds, but the truth is, an attorney can help you find out if there is still money owed to you and for how long you’re eligible. The Social Security Disability attorney in Oakland CA you choose should possess the following:

1. Experienced with Social Security Disability cases.
2. Easy to communicate with.
3. Responds in a timely manner.

You want to find an attorney that is experienced with Social Security Disability cases. There are many lawyers who work specifically with disability cases and often handle many Social Security Disability cases every year. Ask your attorney how often he or she works on a Social Security Disability case and what the results have been from those cases. While the attorney cannot legally divulge details of the cases, he or she can tell you the general outline of what happened and how the judge ruled in those cases.

Make sure the attorney you hire is easy to communicate with. He or she should keep you abreast of every move in the case and make sure you understand the steps they’re taking to help your case. You will have to provide your attorney with many different documents and keep a close chronological file of your disability and any doctor’s notes or medical information. This will help you attorney build a solid case that will help you win the money you are owed.

Lastly, the attorney you hire should respond in a timely manner. You want someone who responds quickly and understands that your time is valuable. This is especially true if you are an elderly person. Many times, elderly people are mistreated by people in the legal industry. It is important to find an attorney that treats you with respect and understands that you need them in your corner in order to get the money you deserve to live a quality life due to your age and disability. There are many seasoned attorneys out there who understand the elderly should be treated with the same respect as any other client, so make the effort to hire someone who respects your time as well.

Ortega Disability Group is committed to helping disabled individuals in California get Social Security disability benefits, and you can contact the law firm for legal help.

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