Chicago Automobile Accident Lawyer: Obtain Your Settlement without the Hassle

by | May 26, 2014 | Law

Are you in need of compensation to help you cover post car accident medical and repair bills? Rather than continue to struggle financially, or handle the stress of filing a claim on your own, choose a reputable lawyer to help you navigate the process of obtaining a settlement. With the support of a trustworthy legal advocate in your corner, you will have the peace of mind knowing your case is in capable hands.

Choose a Competent Professional

For an individual who has recently been the victim of an accident, the assistance and services an attorney can provide are vital. They’ll possess the knowledge and training to provide you with useful advice and information regarding your rights and available courses of action. Additionally, they’ll handle phone calls, interviews, and evidence collection on your behalf, giving you time to recuperate and recover from the accident. Many injured victims make the mistake of thinking they need to go through the process of obtaining compensation alone. However, seeking the guidance of a Chicago automobile accident lawyer increases the likelihood that you’ll obtain a desirable outcome.

Don’t Wait to File

Waiting to file a personal injury claim is never recommended. Nothing is set in stone, and evidence and/or witnesses that would have proved beneficial can easily change or disappear. To ensure that any evidence that furthers your case remains admissible, it’s strongly recommended to quickly contact an automobile accident lawyer. Chicago legal specialists will assist you with strengthening your case by including photos of the accident scene, police statements and reports, medical records, witness statements, video surveillance tapes, and other available forms of evidence.

Injury & Damage Compensation

Whether you suffered bodily or property damage, you may be entitled to receive compensation. For an injured victim, medical bills can quickly begin to add up, which can cause considerable financial problems. Hospital visits, doctor’s visits, rehabilitation, physical therapy, prescriptions, and other types of medical care can be costly in most cases. An attorney can assist you with acquiring the funds you need to successfully pay your medical bills. Additionally, you’ll have the means to repair any damages done to your vehicle, which may have stifled your ability to travel to and from work.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, contact the experienced attorneys at Bizzieri Law Offices today at (773) 991-9000.

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