Different Cases of a Family Attorney

by | Jun 15, 2013 | Divorce Attorney

A family attorney in Long Island actually covers a wide range of cases. It is so large that a lot of attorneys focus on just this very topic when they choose their practice. Here is a quick rundown of some of the legal cases that can fall under the family law category.

Child Law

The first area has to do with child law. This includes child adoption cases, child custody cases, child support cases, etc. A family lawyer looks out for the best interest of the child and uses the law to give the child the most favorable result.


Another area that a family attorney Long Island practices is in personal matters like a divorce. This is actually a very fast growing area of family law. It is unfortunate, but it is the truth. Cases are also becoming more and more complex, which increases the need for a divorce lawyer.


A third area of family law has to do with juveniles and any legal issues that they may be involved in. Juveniles are handled differently than adults when it comes to prosecution, so a family lawyer is one who works specifically in this field. They have an understanding of the different processes involved in juvenile court.

Testing and Fraud

A fourth area, which is not quite as large as the other areas of family law, is for paternity testing and fraud. There are cases where a person may claim to be the parent of a child when they are actually not. It can be difficult to prove without a paternity test. A family lawyer will be able to force the test and then bring about legal action if necessary.

There are a lot of other areas of family law, as well. These are just four of the main highlights and four of the most common reasons that people hire a family lawyer. A family lawyer basically helps out with any legal case that involves issues within the family whether it be breakups or unions. Often times, a family lawyer will become a lifelong partner with the family as they go through each of their family level cases. Their close relationship to the family will actually prove to be very beneficial in the long run.


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