After Sustaining A Traumatic Brain Injury In Fresno Consult An Attorney

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Personal Injury

A traumatic brain injury in Fresno, California takes years to recover from and in some cases can cause permanent loss of some brain functions. If you or someone you love has been in an accident and has sustained a traumatic brain injury, consult a personal injury attorney immediately. The medical bills cost for rehabilitation and the lost wages will cause significant financial hardship. Under the California statute of limitations, injured parties have two years to file personal injury lawsuits. The sooner you file your lawsuit, the sooner you focus on healing.

Traumatic Brain Injuries In Children

Traumatic brain injuries in children can have lasting effects. It can adversely affect their ability to learn, speak, and function. These injuries can be the result of car accidents, boating accidents, falls, and while participating in sports. It is vital if your child has sustained a traumatic brain injury in Fresno that seeks legal representation immediately. The costs associated with medical care, rehabilitative therapies and potential of lost income in the future demands aggressive legal representation.

Traumatic Brain Injuries In Adults

Adults that suffer traumatic brain injuries can experience significant changes in life including loss of job, motor functions and memories. Additionally, seizures, paralysis, slurred speech and concentration problems are common with these types of injuries. These injuries can result in the inability to work and continue in on their regular career. Financial support is essential during this time. Compensation is needed to secure the victim’s well-being and long-term wellness.

Compensation Available To Brain Injury Victims

If someone you know that has suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of an accident, hire a personal injury attorney immediately. Traumatic brain injuries cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and rehabilitative therapies. Many victims will lose significant income with the amount of time recovery requires. Some with severe cases of brain injury may never be able to work again. It is essential that the parties responsible for the brain injury pay for past, current and all future medical expenses.

After experiencing a traumatic brain injury, it is vital that individuals focus on healing and rehabilitation. The costs of medical bills and lost wages can lead to extreme distress and cause individuals to not heal as quickly as they should. A personal injury attorney can work to secure the compensation available through aggressive lawsuit development. Brain injuries in children require special consideration and can require tens of millions of dollars in medical bills over their lifetime. Adults that sustain brain injuries need a legal

Traumatic brain injuries can cause victims to lose their jobs and lose their ability to earn a living income. Victims of a traumatic brain injury in Fresno must have aggressive legal counsel that will fight for the compensation they deserve. Schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney immediately to learn more about your legal options.


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