When Do You Need A Lawyer To Get Workers Comp In Pasadena?

by | Nov 24, 2012 | Lawyer

When workplace injuries are minor and the expected time off to recover is expected to be short, a lawyer to help with workers comp in Pasadena probably is not a necessity. If you suffered a minor injury such as a broken arm with no complications and workers comp in Pasadena looked after all the medical bills and is providing a weekly benefit during your healing phase, there should be no need for a lawyer. If you are asked to sign off when you don’t think you are completely healed, that may be a different story.

Most attorneys whose specialty is workman’s compensation will be happy to sit with you for a half an hour for a free consultation. If you feel you have been unfairly treated or if you wish to appeal a decision that has been made the lawyer who specializes in workers comp in Pasadena will be perfectly candid, he will assess your chances of success and decide, based on previous experiences, whether you need representation or not. During this consultation the lawyer will either accept the case or not and if he does fees will be discussed. Many workers comp in Pasadena lawyers will take the case on a contingency basis where an agreed upon percentage of the award will be taken by the attorney, should the case not prosper and fail, you owe the lawyer nothing.

There are many events which certainly point toward the need of a lawyer to take up your case for workers comp in Pasadena. If you have serious injuries or even moderate injuries that will have a long term effect on your health or your ability to return to work a lawyer is necessary. Other reasons for needing a lawyer are:

* You believe you may never work again

* You believe you can work again but not at your present job

* You have pre-existing disabilities

* Your benefits were denied

* Your employer has disputed a decision made by the workman’s compensation board

Regardless of the circumstances, you have every right to engage a lawyer to help you fight for workers comp in Pasadena. If you have injuries so severe that your life and your future will be permanently changed or a change in your abilities to work then a lawyer is your best bet as he can campaign on your behalf to make sure you get the benefits of medical care and compensation that you are rightfully entitled to. If your injuries are such that you will never work again the lawyer can advise you on claiming for Social Security benefits.

It is important for you to retain the services of an attorney who is deeply involved and knowledgeable in workers compensation law. If you reside in Pasadena areas contact Attorney Jack J. Schmerling who has 30 years of practical experience in advocating for people injured on the job.

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