Workers Compensation New Brunswick – 4 Important Things That You Should Know

by | Oct 4, 2012 | Employment Law

As an employee, you have certain privileges. In case you are injured at work, you don’t have to bear medical expenses or emotional trauma due to loss of income. Your employer pays compensation so that you can recover well and get back to work. In case your injuries put you out of work for a long time, you are still eligible for long term benefits. Here are 4 important things that you should know about this facility.

Duration of compensation
Duration of compensation depends on how long you are forced to remain out of work. If you do not lose much time from work, but have to continue treatment for long, you receive compensation for less than one year. But if you need to take a long leave from work, you are eligible to collect weekly benefits. In this case, you are eligible to receive compensation for two years. If your injuries require vocational rehabilitation, costs are reimbursed. Workers compensation statutes of New Brunswick govern the duration of compensation in these cases.

What happens in case of death?
In case an employee dies during the course of work, his or her dependents are eligible for compensation from employers comp insurance according to statutes of New Brunswick. This compensation depends on your last wage scale. In addition to providing these benefits, compensation also covers costs incurred in burial.

Different kinds of benefits
Your insurance company will not deny benefits in case you claim workers compensation. When you are injured, you are eligible for two basic covers – worker’s compensation and health insurance. Thirdly, you can file a lawsuit against a third party who might be directly or indirectly involved in the accident. For example, if a third party vehicle collides with you in your work premises, you are eligible for compensation from the third party. Or if you are injured due to faulty equipment, you can sue the manufacturer. A workers compensation lawyer in Brunswick can give you a complete picture of various benefits. In most of the cases, various compensations are coordinated and you get a lump sum amount.

You will not lose your job if you file a claim
If your employer fires you because you filed a workers compensation claim against him, you can drag him to court again. It is against the law to fire an employee who files a lawsuit. So, you can boldly go ahead and fight. In any case, most employers never fire an employee who files a claim because if they do, they end up in a far bigger soup.

You will have to find out about all other aspects of workers compensation laws in Brunswick because these laws change from one state to another. For example, can you go to a doctor of your choice or will it be a doctor and hospital chosen by the employer? Will there be a modified work profile during the recovery period? In case your employer does not have workers compensation cover, you can still claim benefits. Your employer, however, will have to bear the brunt of the state for not having a policy.

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