Workers Comp in Philadelphia: Fighting for Your Rights to a Justified Reparation

by | Oct 30, 2012 | Legal Services

If you are self employed or employed by someone else and need the best insurance protection available to someone of your employment status, workers comp of Philadelphia is what you need. Worker’s Comp is an insurance policy mandated by the state and this particular policy provides insurance coverage to any worker that has been injured in the line of work or has fallen ill due to something work related and cannot work. In short, an employee with a work related injury or work related illness can receive worker’s comp benefits regardless of who was at fault; whether it was another employee, an employer, the injured employee themselves, a customer, or an unrelated third party. Act quickly and make sure that before you are hired or self employed, you have workers comp of Philadelphia to protect you from any issue that may arise risk to your health.

Workers comp of Philadelphia is a very beneficial program to employers and employees alike. Under worker’s comp, the injured employee or individual is allowed to receive medical care and treatment from the physician of their choice and the costs will be covered under the worker’s comp insurance policy. You must inform your preferred physician that you are a worker under worker’s comp and after a series of forms are filled out and filed, that physician will be able to treat you given an incident were to occur. Although, in some states like California, worker’s compensation will only allow the injured party to receive medical care and treatment from the doctor of their choosing, not the choosing of the injured party or at the injured party’s preference, but usually there is an option of switching doctors if by some chance the physician is not to the injured party’s liking. In any case, worker’s comp of Philadelphia has you covered in case of any incident or freak accident arising.

Workers comp of Philadelphia is truly a helpful way of ensuring the well-being of all employees that are employed by an employer or any sort of self employed individuals. Through this system, it is much easier to ensure that the American work force is kept healthy and in great shape to continue making America into the great nation they have already built it up to be. Thanks to worker’s comp of Philadelphia, employees and employers can finally rest a little bit easier knowing that they have some plan to fall back on in case they get injured and they can be sure that they will not be denied this comp or medical treatment for any reason. Hurry and make sure that you have worker’s comp of Philadelphia before you start working.

For more information on the processes, costs and benefits of worker’s comp in Philadelphia, visit Swartz and Culleton, PC at Every worker deserves the best and the most they can get for their injuries in a work place without the hassle and worries of an employer turning down their claim.

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