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Why You Should Want A Best SSDI Attorney Near Chicago

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Lawyers

The typical process involved in filing for SSDI involves waiting in long lines at the Social Security office in the Chicago area, a lot of tedious paperwork, and even more time spent at a rather unpleasant government office. On top of this, even the smallest mistake in the paperwork can lead to it being rejected from the start, which prolongs the entire process. The Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. is there for local residents of the Chicago area. Instead of spending hours waiting in line, you can sit back in one of our comfortable chairs and work face to face with our highly trained staff. The Best SSDI Attorney Near Chicago that is assigned to your case will go over every detail of the application and ensure that your paperwork is filed correctly the first time. If it is rejected, we will remain at your side and aggressively fight to ensure your case is not lost or ignored and that you get the benefits you deserve.

What We Offer That Is Unique

The Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. staff is experienced, with over the years in the business of Social Security Law. We know the system inside and out, and can prepare your case to meet each of the exacting U.S. Government qualification standards. Unlike some law firms, the case is not settled until you get the full benefits for which you are entitled, and even then, we are not done. Our staff will continue to be here for clients if they need assistance during the periodical reviews that Social Security requires for most cases. Any paperwork involved with a SSDI case is equally important, and we want to ensure you do not have to go through the entire process again. With our help, you may never have to set foot in the Social Security office. We offer a completely free case assessment, which includes reviewing your medical records and ensuring your case is the strongest possible.

We Handle More Than Just SSDI

A Best SSDI Attorney Near Chicago from our office can handle more than just the basic SSDI case. During our complimentary case assessment, we will review the facts and determine what the client needs and for which benefits they qualify. There are differences between SSDI, SSI, and Medical Assistance. For clients who are disabled, we look at their work history and financial status when determining with which program to file for benefits. We will also help clients seek the medical coverage they need, such as Medicaid and long term care assistance. The Best SSDI Attorney Near Chicago assigned to your case, like all the attorneys on our staff, are fully qualified in the field of social security law. We have offices that can service residents in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Visit Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. website to learn more.

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