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Why You Need An SSD Attorney in Portsmouth

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Attorney

Applying for Social Security disability benefits is not necessarily difficult, but initial applications are rarely approved. It is suggested that three-quarters of applications are denied. For this reason, hiring a seasoned SSD Attorney in Portsmouth can provide you the guidance and assistance you need to secure your benefits.

The administration is very strict on what they want in the way of supporting information when they review an application for disability benefits. As so many are denied the question begs; “Would it have been successful if an attorney was involved?” No one will ever know but what is known is that when the applicant is preparing to mount an appeal the chances of success are far greater when there is an attorney. It may be possible for a disabled person to apply independently but the appeals process is far more complex and will challenge a layperson. Although you will want an attorney you will want the right one. You must hire an attorney that focuses their practice around these issues; attorneys that deal with other areas of law will not have the same insight into the ways of the administration.

When you make the application there is no way to predict what your monthly benefit might be. From that point of view it is rather like a personal accident case where the plaintiff has no way of predicted in advance what settlement will be tendered and whether it will be accepted. For the person applying for disability benefits there is little to worry about regarding the fee as it is set by law and all cases are handled on contingency. As the case is taken on contingency if the attorney fails to get you benefits you are not obligated to pay legal fees.

An SSD Attorney in Portsmouth is so intimate with the system and its rules and regulations that he or she is in a far better position to accomplish things that a layperson could never imagine. The attorney can request the file that the administration has on you, this in itself is very valuable as the attorney can get meaningful insight into the reasoning behind denying the claim; this in turn will help the attorney develop the strongest possible appeal. For more information, visit O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group website online.

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