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When You May Require the Services of an Accident Attorney When Dealing with an Insurance Company

by | Oct 23, 2018 | General

Being involved in an accident, whether it’s a slip and fall accident, a car accident or an accident that occurred because of a faulty device or product can be extremely challenging. In some cases, the injuries and compensation may be minimal. However, when situations are more extreme, there can be pushed back from responsible parties to take responsibility and to offer adequate levels of compensation. This is where retaining the services of an Accident Attorney makes the most sense.

An Overview of the Current Situation

There are a number of different facets that an accident lawyer will handle when a person decides to retain their services. The first thing that they will do is they will assess the situation and determine if their services are needed. There are times where, even in extreme situations, insurance companies provide adequate levels of compensation. One of the things that an attorney will automatically look at is how much money, if any compensation the insurance company is offering and is it a fair offer. Often times it isn’t, but there are occasions where the insurance company, perhaps to avoid undue scrutiny try to settle the situation as quickly as possible, in this often equates to excessively high levels of compensation.

Avenues Available to the Attorney

In the event the insurance company isn’t offering adequate compensation, or perhaps they are not offering any compensation at all, an Accident Attorney can do a number of things. Most commonly, they will negotiate with the insurance company. Most people think that attorneys will go straight to the court, and while this is an option, negotiating a fair settlement is typically more effective. It allows for the situation to be resolved quickly, it gets their client the compensation they need, and it avoids any unknowns that are common when lawsuits against an insurance company go before a judge.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in an accident, whether they have been contacted by insurance companies previously or not, it may be something that an accident lawyer can help them with. To learn more about the services of an accident law firm, you would do well to contact QBS Law S.C. soon. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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