Tilt the Scales of Justice in Your Favor with a Workers Compensation Lawyer

by | Oct 22, 2018 | General

You might be entitled to workers compensation benefits if you suffered a work-related illness or injury. However, some employers or their insurance companies choose to deny claims on a routine basis. Having a legitimate claim could leave you facing a complex system while trying to get better. Hiring a workers compensation lawyer in Garden Grove will help you navigate appeals and processes that would otherwise limit your chances of getting what you deserve.

Why Hire a Lawyer for Your Workers Comp Claim?

A lawyer who is dedicated to helping you win can increase your chances of obtaining workers comp benefits. No matter how cordial they are, the claims adjuster and attorneys for the insurer are not focused on your best interests.

Instead, they are searching for reasons to deny your genuine claim. The workers comp lawyer communicates with the insurer on your behalf. Their knowledge and experience with workers comp laws in California can give you an upper hand.

Documented Evidence Strengthens Your Claim

One of the most common reasons claims adjusters use to deny benefits is insufficient medical evidence. Approval of all the benefits you deserve is more likely to happen when you have strong medical evidence. A workers compensation lawyer in Garden Grove can help gather proof of your illness or injury through:

Medical records
Arranging treatment
Getting medical opinions from treating physicians
Deposing medical experts

A Lawyer Negotiates and Structures Settlement Agreements

A lawyer uses a number of factors to estimate how much your workers comp case is worth. They use this information to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement with your employer’s insurance company.

The Law Offices Norman J. Homen will do everything we can to obtain the best outcome for your case. Visit our website or call 866-383-0000 to learn how our workers compensation lawyer in Garden Grove will work to tilt the scales in your favor.

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