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When To Hire International Law Firms In Dubai

by | May 3, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Throughout the UAE there is a phenomenal amount of growth both in free zone areas as well as mainland companies. For free zone businesses, which are 100% owned by foreigners to the 49% ownership by foreigners of mainland companies, it is essential to work with international law firms in Dubai to ensure all necessary documents are completed and correct.

Unfortunately, without the support of international law firms in Dubai, foreign owners may find their ability to open a business in a free zone or as a mainland company with a UAE national sponsor is delayed. It may also result in additional costs, which can be a challenge for any startup company.

The International Benefits

There are local law firms in Dubai offering support for foreign investors and business owners for both mainland and free zone company establishment. However, when there are multiple parties involved, contracts with different international vendors and when considering future options for the business, an international law firm is an important consideration.

International law firms in Dubai will also be essential when working with subcontractors, vendors, and shippers to and from the UAE. International debt collection, trademarks, contracts and even in drafting working agreements will also be provided by the same law firm.

Hiring Early

It is always recommended to start with the international law firm as the legal representative early in the process. If there are any criminal charges or lawsuits for a foreigner in the UAE, the international law firm is essential to provide the best legal representation.

The earlier an experienced, international law firm is involved the more effectively the legal matter can be handled. Often these lawyers will be able to provide options in resolving the legal matter without the need to go through litigation, speeding up the process and also saving the client in legal fees. Click here for more information.

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