When To Hire A Divorce Attorney Mequon WI

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A Divorce attorney Mequon WI can advise you of your rights and help you settle your divorce amicably. He or she will explain your divorce options, which allow you to understand how to proceed. You learn the practices used to secure your assets and to establish child custody if you have children. If you are unsure as to whether you are ready to file for a divorce a divorce attorney could advise you of alternatives.

When to File

Irreversible breakdown of the marriage is a common reason for filing a divorce petition. At this point, both parties no longer wish to find a resolution and remain married. If domestic violence played a part in the breakup of the marriage filing a divorce petition is the only way some jurisdictions can protect the victim. If this is the case for you, you should consult a divorce lawyer to begin this process immediately.

Serving the Papers

A Mequon divorce attorney will establish locations in which to serve the divorce papers to your spouse. You have the right to serve these papers through your spouse’s employer or their current residence. The process requires either a process server or a county deputy sheriff to deliver the papers to your spouse. He or she may be required to sign a document stating that he or she has received these papers for the court records. Failure to deliver these papers to your spouse does limit your efforts for a quick divorce, but it may also open different avenues for your divorce.

Unknown Whereabouts

If you and your spouse are separated, and he or she moves without providing you with their new location it is possible for you to file for divorce. The first task you must accomplish is to prove a valid service of process. This means that you have tried to contact your spouse through all known whereabouts and have tried and failed to serve divorce papers due to unknown location.

A Divorce attorney Mequon WI will provide service by publication. He or she will place a public notification within the local newspaper to notify your spouse the amount of time he or she has to respond. If he or she fails to contact you or your preferred attorney, the judge will grant your divorce due to default.

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