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by | Jul 18, 2013 | Criminal Lawyer

The Attorneys at Law Cranston, Schreiber & Schreiber have over four decades of experience in the legal field. They provide legal counsel within five areas of practice. These areas include personal injury, business law, criminal law, DUI, and divorce. The law firm services Cranston and nearby areas within the state of Rhode Island.

Personal Injury Cases

Within personal injury cases, three causes are prominent. They are injury due to accidents, including automobile accidents, slip and fall-based injuries, and the direct result of domestic violence. An attorney within the personal injury field will not only work for you to acquire compensation for your injuries, but in matters of domestic violence, your attorney will work with the prosecution to bring the accused to justice.

Business Law

A lawyer practicing within business law comprehends ways in which to approach insurance providers to ensure that matters related to insurance coverage for your business are handled appropriately. He or she will establish the best practices to protect the rights of your company, not only secures your assets but also keeps your business operating. Your selected attorney will walk you through the litigation process and protect your best interests.

Criminal Law

Criminal law protects the victim of a crime and innocent individuals who are accused of a crime. Within the process, a prosecution builds a case based on evidence gathered by investigators. In criminal law, it is the prosecutor who represents the victim in these proceedings. A criminal defense attorney provides counsel for the accused. Throughout the process, it is the job of both attorneys to present a solid case before the jurors. For the prosecution, she or he must prove without doubt that the accused committed the crime. The defense attorney must prove reasonable doubt.

Attorneys at Law Cranston

Schreiber & Schreiber offer defense for anyone charges with a criminal offense. They gather evidence for your case through witness testimony and solid leads to prove your innocence. It is through their diligence that they find every piece of the puzzle to have the charges overturned and allow you to avoid a conviction. These attorneys work locally in the Cranston area for a consultation with them contact their local office.

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