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When to Get A Child Abuse Lawyer in Green Bay, WI to Help Stop Child Abuse

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Lawyers

It’s important for people to know the warning signs that indicate when it’s time to hire a child abuse lawyer in Green Bay, WI. Unfortunately, abusers are usually good at hiding their tracks. They make use of tricks that allow them to continue their abuse. For example, they may physically abuse a child in areas that other people may not see. A child might have bruises on his/her torso that go undetected. There is also mental abuse. Mental abuse is extremely hard to detect because there won’t be any physical signs to alert people to the fact that the child is being abused.

It might be time to contact a child abuse lawyer in Green Bay, WI if a child’s personality abruptly changes. For example, a normally outgoing child in a classroom starts to become extremely withdrawn and no longer participates in activities. A passive kid might start to get aggressive. These changes in behavior are often how children cope with being abused. Some children will just start to lash out because of the abuse. It’s important that people don’t start throwing abuse allegations around simply because of a change in behavior. A change in behavior that lasts just means that some questions might have to be asked. If the answers lead to abuse concerns, the appropriate actions must be taken. Visit the website of a child abuse lawyer to ask specific questions if you feel you may have an abuse case.

There are times when children may exhibit no changes in behavior except when they are around their abusers. This change of behavior can be very sudden. For example, a normally talkative child becomes completely silent when a certain person walks into the room. The child may act extremely nervous around the abuser. It’s very important to pay attention to non-verbal communication. A child may also not want to be alone with the person who is abusing them.

Child abuse is a serious issue. It’s important that people do everything in their power to investigate situations when they think abuse is taking place. The suspected abuser doesn’t necessarily have to know an investigation is going on. In most cases, asking the children specific questions can help to determine if the situation should be looked into any deeper.

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