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Get Help Obtaining a Settlement After a Motorcycle Accident.

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Lawyers

Motorcycle accidents are often significantly more serious than the average car accident because, even if the motorcyclist wears a helmet, they could experience severe injuries and could be hospitalized until they recover. As a result, a motorcycle accident is going to have extensive medical bills that need to be paid, and there may also be other expenses such as lost wages and motorcycle repair. Although the insurance company is supposed to cover this, many times it will try to settle for much lower than the case is worth or refuse to settle at all.

Instead of trying to handle this on their own, a motorcyclist may want to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Elizabeth, New Jersey to help them with their case even if they have not been released from the hospital yet. The lawyer is going to be able to review all of the specifics of the case and determine how much the motorcyclist should receive from a settlement. If this is lower than the amount offered by the insurance company, the lawyer can help negotiate a higher settlement with the insurance company.

In most cases, the motorcyclist may be worried about how they can afford to pay for a motorcycle accident lawyer in Elizabeth, New Jersey because, after all, the reason why they would consider hiring a lawyer is because they don’t have enough money to cover their expenses. However, a motorcycle lawyer actually works on a contingency basis, meaning that the lawyer does not need to be paid for in advance. The legal fees are going to be built into the settlement and the lawyer will only be paid if a settlement is reached, that is to say, if they do not obtain a settlement for the motorcyclist, the motorcyclist will not have to pay for the services.

A victim in a motorcycle accident should not have to cover their own expenses. If the insurance company does not offer a reasonable settlement or the person wants to ensure the settlement is reasonable, they can always speak to a lawyer, who will help ensure they receive the money they need to fully recover financially from the accident. Visit the website of a motorcycle lawyer today to find out more.

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