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What is a Bail Bondsman?

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Legal Services

A Bail Bondsman in Douglasville, GA is an agent who presents a security bond to the court in order to release a person from jail, while he awaits trial. A bail bondsman has a contract agreement with the courts in their area so they can place a bond that is less than the amount the court requires, which means the defendant needs less money to post bail. The agent is responsible for the defendant and ensures that he will appear for court or the bondsman is responsible for the full total of the bail.

One advantage of using a Bail Bondsman is that he will have access to funds to place bail, even when banks are closed. This is because the agent has insurance or a credit provider to back him and guarantee that the money is available for the courts. Using a bail bondsman can mean the defendant is released from prison quicker than if the family tries to post the full amount in cash. The family will have to use some cash or collateral to secure the bond, but it is often a lot less than the full amount of the bail.

When a defendant uses a bail bondsman in Douglasville, GA, it is very important that he makes all of his required court appearances. Family may have to use a home or vehicle as collateral on the bail. If the accused fails to appear in court, the bondsman can take possession of the property. The bondsman may also use a bounty hunter to find the defendant in order to recover his investment.

When you use a bail bondman, you are not taking out a loan to pay the bail. Instead, you are agreeing to pay a small amount of the total bail, which is usually 10 percent. The courts accept this amount to release the defendant, but this money is not returned to the family or defendant after the trial.
Bail bondsmen qualifications are different in each state, and each county may also have their own regulations. Most will have to take about 12 hours of classes and pass a written exam. After passing the exam, the bondsman must secure licensing, accreditation and insurance before working as a bondsman.

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