What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Lawyer, Personal Injury

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who deals with legal disputes involving damages and negligence. Negligence is a broad term. Personal injury lawyers in Taunton define negligence generally as a situation where a person or company exhibits behavior which is unsafe and causes injury or damage to another. A reckless driver is considered direct negligence. Indirect negligence would be a store owner not keeping ice off the sidewalk leading to his shop. In either circumstance, personal injury lawyers in Taunton will gather facts and collect evidence to determine who is at fault. If you are injured, it is important to consider consulting with an attorney before you agree to any terms of a proposed settlement. You be agreeing to less than to what you are entitled.

Personal injury lawyers in Taunton generally are not paid by the hour for his or her services. Most work on a contingency fee structure, meaning they are paid a percentage of the judgment awarded by the court. Compensation for personal injury attorneys can be as high as 40% of the court’s award. Add to that, if punitive damages are awarded, a client and his attorney may receive quite a bit of money. The challenge for the personal injury lawyer is proving the defendants were fully responsible for the injury which is tough to get. Even if someone is found 1% liable for their own injury, a court may throw out a personal injury case.

Finding a good personal injury attorney starts with talking to family and friends to see who they may know. For most reputable personal injury attorneys in Taunton, working from referrals constitutes the majority of their clientele and so they work hard to mak sure their clients are well taken care of. If you are unsuccessful finding a good referral from your personal network, do some research on the internet. There you will find dozens of professional personal injury attorneys from which to chose. Do not pick the first attorney you talk to. Set up appointments with several attorneys. Most will meet with you for free on your initial visit. Get a feel for the office and the attorney’s staff, especially his or her paralegal. Usually, it is the paralegal with whom you will deal mostly with when sending documents or asking questions are necessary.


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