After the Accident Hiring an auto accident attorney in Henderson, Nevada to protect and defend you

by | Nov 12, 2012 | Auto Accident Attorney

No matter whose fault it is, an auto accident is always traumatic for everyone involved. Hopefully nobody was seriously injured and everyone can walk away from the scene, and hopefully you were not at fault. But whether you had any way of avoiding the accident or not, you’re going to need an auto accident attorney to help you through the process of recouping expenses and avoiding a case against you.

Your Insurance Company vs. Their Insurance Company

One thing that most people don’t realize is that insurance companies are very reluctant to help you out if you’ve been in an auto accident. If there is any doubt about fault, and there usually is, each insurance company will take the statement of their customer as factual and ignore discrepancies. The only time an insurance company will fight a decision is when they are being required to pay. In most situations, the individual owners end up dealing with costs and the insurance companies wait it out.

Getting a Police Report

The only record that they will respect is a police report or the results of a court case, such as a small claims court decision. Make sure that a police report is filed in Henderson, no matter what the situation. The police report will help you to state your case with certainty instead of letting the insurance companies ignore the situation.

Presenting Your Case

A skilled auto accident attorney in Henderson will be able to help your file your case, state the facts in a convincing and respectful manner, and they’ll let you know just what it is that you can expect. In some cases, you may not even need the auto accident attorney to help you out beyond just teaching you what the law is regarding the specific situation your are in. An attorney can give you advice based on previous situations that were similar, and that may help you know what to expect and how to present your case.

Keep All Bills in a Safe Place

Any expenses that result from an auto accident should be kept together in a safe place. You will need records of any medical and automotive expenses before a decision is made and the more organized and careful you are, the better your chances of making a good impression and presenting a convincing case when you are called to do so.

Not all auto accident attorneys are equal, and not all auto accidents in Henderson are easy to deal with from a legal standpoint. Be sure to contact someone with experience, like The Law Firm, for help with your auto accident case.




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