What can DWI attorneys do for their clients?

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Law

Because a DWI attorney in St Augustine is intimate with the laws that provide protection to people charged with a crime they are often times able to find fault in the charges brought on a client by the authorities. For example, for a road side test to be valid the officer must have a reasonable suspicion that you were breaking the law and he must have probable cause before you can be arrested. There are cases on record where a lawyer has successfully argued a case where alcohol influence was used as a defense argument. If a person has been charged with murder or voluntary manslaughter it has been argued that the driver was so impaired that his intent to kill was affected and the alcohol impairment was a reason to lessen the crime to involuntary manslaughter. These are rare cases and it is advisable not to count on such leniency in most cases.

The driver is often stopped for another offense:

As noted, the arresting officer has to have a reason to believe you were breaking the law. A DWI attorney in St Augustine is the first to note that many of the initial reasons for pulling a driver over are speeding. Speeding to an officer of the law is more than going fast, it is often indicative of fleeing another issue such as having committed a robbery. This is why a police officer is always wary when first approaching a vehicle that he has pulled over, he has no way of knowing at that moment in time what he may be facing. This rarely turns out to be the case, it is usually just a person who was in a hurry but the officer must act as the act of speeding alone can have serious adverse consequences. Speeding and intoxication is a deadly cocktail. Of all the fatal accidents in the United States, alcohol and speed are factors in 41% of them.

The easiest way to avoid the pain and punishment associated with drunk driving is “don’t do it”. If a group goes out, dedicate someone to be the driver in the event the car owner drinks. If a person is alone then take a taxi home and return for the car the following day. These are simple rules but unfortunately for many they do not heed such simple advice and they end up in serious trouble as a result. A DWI attorney in St Augustine should be the first person contacted in the event of an arrest. After the arrest, you will be expected to plea, guilty, not guilty or no contest and the court expects a not guilty plea. By this time the lawyer will have arranged bail and the court will no doubt continue the bail. The court will then set a date for your next appearance, the purpose being to see if the case can be set aside or a trial date set.

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