Looking for a Criminal Attorney in Santa Rosa County

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Attorney

Being charged with a criminal crime can be very scary and shocking time. If this happens to you then you need a knowledgeable attorney that will personally defend you. If you are looking for a criminal attorney in Santa Rosa County, Valerie Erwin Prevatte Attorney at Law is happy to help.

Valerie Erwin Prevatte Attorney at Law specializes in a wide range of practice areas. Some of these areas include driving under the influence, drug offenses, domestic violence, probation violations, juvenile court, traffic violations, and bond hearings. After being the lead attorney on over 20,000 criminal cases she has the knowledge and dedication to help resolve your case. She also has been the lead attorney in more than 600 trials. Mrs. Prevatte is an active Criminal Attorney Santa Rosa County.

After earning her Doctorate from South Texas College she moved back to Florida to start her legal career. Mrs. Prevatte started her career as a prosecutor for the State Attorney’s office in Escambia County. She stayed in this position for six years. After a brief period working in insurance law, Mrs. Prevatte decided to start her own legal practice where she could focus on her passion of criminal law.

When looking for a Criminal Attorney Santa Rosa County you can schedule a consultation with the office. During this consultation you will first complete a short questionnaire for Mrs. Prevatte to take a look at. This questionnaire is completely confidential. Your consultation will last about 45 minutes. This consultation will allow you and Mrs. Prevatte to discuss all aspects of your case. If you decide to retain her as your lawyer you will then sign a contract that consents to Mrs. Prevatte handeling your case. If you are not able to do the consultation in person it is possible to make other arrangements.

If you are ready to contact a criminal attorney in Santa Rosa County don’t hesitate to contact Valerie Erwin Prevatte Attorney at Law. She is eager to get started on your case right away. As a proud member of the United States Supreme Court she will work diligently to protect your legal rights.


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