Use Your Divorce Lawyer To Avoid Divorce

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Lawyer

Perhaps the most important meeting with your divorce lawyer in Thiensville WI is the initial consultation. Oftentimes, when a person comes to a divorce lawyer, it is the first time he has visited a divorce lawyer, and often is the first time he has visited a lawyer at all. He may expect that the lawyer will immediately start the divorce mill and run him through it. Generally, the opposite is true. A conscientious lawyer is there to serve his clients’ interests, even if they do not end up going through with a divorce. A divorce lawyer’s deep experience can help clients avoid divorce by offering appropriate alternatives.

A strong option to divorce, particularly if you are the person who did not initiate the divorce is to propose a trial separation. Not all states allow legal separations, but if your spouse has already filed divorce papers, then you can petition the court to a trial separation under the process of the divorce, if your spouse agrees.

Many times a spouse will initiate a divorce without seriously considering a separation. They may do this because they have made a decision and want to carry it out as quickly as possible. Your divorce lawyer in Thiensville WI can help you directly, or send you to the proper person to help you convince your spouse to do a trial separation first. You can start by assuring your spouse that you understand the reasons that he or she initiated the divorce, that you intend to behave in a mature and amicable manner during the settlement, and that your spouse is in the driver seat. If you are sincere, you have a good chance of convincing your spouse to begin with a separation.

A trial separation will be even more appealing to your spouse if you have children. He or she will be more motivated if this is the case. However, do not bring it up yourself. Using guilt or any other controlling tactic may be why you have been served divorce papers in the first place. Keep your dealings with your spouse light and positive. If in doubt, go through your divorce lawyer in Thiensville WI, to make sure your responses are not inappropriate due to the emotion of the situation.

From there, consider counseling to help the situation, beginning with yourself. If you are hesitant to see a counselor, use online counseling to provide the direction you need.

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