Understanding DCFS Defense in Plano, IL

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DCFS is charged with protecting minor children from deprivation and abuse. However, sometimes, the agency gets it wrong and the accused person’s life is severely impacted. Anyone can make an allegation of abuse whether true or not. Therefore, the accused individual needs an attorney familiar with DCFS defense in Plano, IL.

How the System Works

A caseworker is assigned to investigate each allegation. To that end, the caseworker talks to the person making the allegation and the accused. Likewise, other family members and close friends may be interviewed. The police assist in the investigation of cases involving very serious allegations.

The Accused Can Lose Custody

DCFS can recommend that the accused lose custody of their child. In the alternative, the agency may recommend that the child live elsewhere. If criminal charges are filed, the accused needs a DCFS defense in Plano, IL. The parent-child relationship is precious and the accused needs a lawyer to protect their rights.

Sadly, the accused person does not get to know who reported them. The name of the reporting witness remains confidential. In addition, it is difficult for innocent people to sue the witness. To file suit, the attorney must prove the witness acted in bad faith.

Criminal Charges May Be n in Play

The accused may face criminal charges if the agency and police find probable cause. Serious charges involving sexual and physical abuse result in an arrest. The charges could be felonies and will be heard in Superior Court. Further, the accused will face a high bond to get out of jail.

Other Ramifications

A case is considered “indicated” if DCFS finds the allegation credible. Indicated cases go into a central registry and remain there for as long as fifty years. The length of time depends on the severity of the case. The central registry is public record, and many employers will not hire anyone on the list.

The records are destroyed in cases that are not substantiated. However, the accused may ask that the record remain open. Many individuals want a record for fear they are being targeted. For more information and to schedule a consultation, visit .

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