The Cost of a Personal Injury Attorney

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Personal Injury

Being the victim of another person’s negligence is always an unfortunate event. Thankfully there are personal injury lawyers that can help to bring justice to the situation. When a personal injury happens that is someone else’s fault it is imperative that the victim contacts a lawyer as soon as possible. It may be a difficult situation, but if a victim waits too long they may not be able to present their case anymore.

Why People Do Not Get Attorneys
Some people avoid contacting an injury attorney in Tucson, AZ because they are unsure whether or not they should trust a personal injury lawyer or not. The great thing is a victim can actually have a consultation with the lawyer without any cost. Consultations are free, and most personal injury lawyers are more than willing to sit down and examine the case to make a determination on whether or not the victim has a case or not.

Another reason people tend to avoid an injury attorney in Tucson, AZ is they are unsure of the costs involved. The good news is in most cases there are no upfront cost involved with hiring a personal injury lawyer. Typically what a personal injury lawyer will do is absorb all of the costs up front in presenting the case to a court. They will fight to get the settlement that the victim deserves. Then out of this settlement the lawyer will assess a fee for all of their services rendered. This is sometimes referred to as a contingency fee. During a consultation, a lawyer should discuss all of these fees with the victim. If they do not discuss it, then it is up to the victim to make sure that the questions are asked regarding the fees.

Get the Right Lawyer
If a personal injury lawyer does not offer a contingency fee based on the outcome of the case, then a victim should think twice about hiring that lawyer. It does not mean that they are a bad lawyer, but there is some risk assumed by the victim as to whether they will get paid back from the settlement or not.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer that offers a contingency fee based on the outcome of the case is typically the best way to go because the victim does not have to assume any risks up front. One the back end it can get a little expensive as some personal injury lawyers can charge as much as 30-40% of the settlement as their fee. It is not just for legal fees either. A lawyer will include all of the other costs involved with presenting the case like court fees, document fees, etc. In the end, it is still the best option though.

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