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The Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce Process

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Lawyers

If you are separating from a partner and are contemplating collaborative divorce, you may have questions or misconceptions about what this involves and what to expect. It is not unusual for people to worry about every decision they make during such an emotional time, but in this instance there is very little reason for anyone to not want to undertake this method.

This type of divorce is not one in which all participants are happy with the decision to split, or even one where those involved should expect the process to be completed without any animosity or disagreements. This is still a traditional divorce and everyone should expect moments of sadness, feelings of loss, and even the occasional argument.

What it really involves is a desire and a promise to work together during the experience to arrive at an agreement that will treat each partner equally. Rather than the old method of divorce that ends up becoming a contest to see who can hurt the other the most, this method promises to make it as kind and gentle as it can possibly be.

A collaborative divorce is done with the assistance of lawyers who are aware of the situation and have also agreed to work with each other to reach a mutually beneficial agreement for both parties. It may become necessary to hire a mediator who can provide an unbiased opinion as well. All meetings, agreements and decisions are worked on together and kept open for everyone to hear and understand.

While this type of divorce cannot take away the pain and disappointment often felt when a relationship ends, it can leave the people involved with less anger and frustration. It is a healthier method of reaching an agreement, and those couples who have children will be providing their kids with a much better example.

If you believe this type of divorce is something you and your spouse can appreciate, contact an attorney today to learn more about what to expect. Trust in our experience to help you through a difficult time and to make your divorce as efficient and pain-free as possible.

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