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SSD (Social Security disability) and SSI (Supplemental Security income) are somewhat similar programs but there are some important differences.

Social Security disability benefits are administered by the Social Security Administration, the benefits are available to any individual considered to be eligible or covered by Title II of the Social Security Act. To be eligible for these insurance benefits the claimant must have accumulated sufficient work credits, these credits are earned as one works and contributes into Social Security via FICA taxes. SSD is paid to those found to be eligible from the Social Security trust fund.

On the other hand an SSI disability lawyer will point out that Supplemental Security income is administered under Title 16 of the act and those that are eligible for this receive their money from the general treasury of the US rather than the SS trust fund.

SSI is the benefits program that those who have never worked or they work but they have yet to accumulate enough work credits to be eligible for SSD. To be eligible for SSI the applicant must meet certain asset and income limits.

Getting SSI:

There are a number of people involved in the application process; the initial application is taken by a claims representative at the nearest office of Social Security. The completed application is forwarded to another group that renders decisions of medical eligibility. This group is known as DDS, disability determination services.

The individual in the DDS who is assigned the claim contacts all the individuals and institutions that have been involved and gathers the claimant’s medical records. This process can take many months, not due to inefficiencies within the DDS but many medical providers are slow at copying and dispatching the records that have been requested. Sooner or later the records are all gathered and the disability examiner will work closely with a doctor that acts as a consultant to the SSA.

Will you need legal assistance?

The process of getting SSI disability is not easy unless the case is absolutely clear cut. In the majority of cases the application is denied, this means that as the applicant you will be invited to a hearing. When the application is denied and a hearing is scheduled this is definitely the time to consider hiring an SSI disability lawyer. The lawyer can gather any evidence that he or she thinks will be required to prove that you are truly disabled.

If you have applied for SSI only to be denied benefits then you should consult with a seasoned SSI disability lawyer. Visit our Facebook page for more information on Davis Morris Law Firm.

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