Reviewing SSI Law And How It Affects Your Case

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Legal Services

Social security disability benefits are provided to people who cannot support themselves financially. The conditions that warrant the need for these benefits are ailments that prevent them from working. They must be either mental or physical, and meet the eligibility requirements as outlined under SSI law.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for SSI?

Under SSI law, eligibility requirements dictate that the conditions prevent the claimant from working in any field. Supplemental security income guidelines prevent applicants from receiving benefits if they could work under certain conditions. If their disability won’t prevent them from working in a field that could accommodate their special needs, they aren’t eligible.
To prove eligibility, the applicant must present supporting medical evidence. The doctor must concur that the applicant isn’t capable of working. They must provide details about treatment for this condition and how well said treatment controls or addresses the applicant’s condition.

What Evidence is needed for the Claim?

The applicant’s medical records make up the core of the evidence needed. However, the Social Security Administration interviews individuals who are familiar with this condition. They should explain how the condition affects the applicant and his or her life.
The agency needs to know when the condition originated; whether it was present at birth or if it developed over time. If it originated due to an accident, the accident report and the results of any lawsuits related to the accident should be provided.

How Does Income Affect the Claim?

The income of any household members living with the applicant could affect their benefits. They could decrease the total value of benefits based on how much these individuals contribute to the applicant’s expenses. For example, if household members cover the cost of rent and utility costs, these expenses are evaluated. They must provide full details about all household members.
Social security disability benefits are given to disabled individuals who can’t work. The benefits provide them with monthly payments to cover their expenses. If applicants are approved, they could also acquire Medicaid coverage. If the applicant is denied benefits, they’ll need an attorney to file an appeal. Applicants who need help with SSI law should contact Law Offices, P.C., for more information about appeals today. You can also follow them on Twitter!

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