Metro Accidents: Causes, Effects And Actions

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Lawyers

Maryland has its own transportation system. It is called the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA). It provides service throughout the region. The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) also provides service to Maryland. It has a subway stop at College Park. While they have been few and far between, it is important to know what to if Metro accidents at College Park occur.

Causes of Metro Accidents

Subways can be dangerous places. People push and shove to get on and off the trains. They want to get to work on time. You want to get home or to school or to a club or special event. Under these circumstances, anything can happen and an accident could result.

Metro accidents can result from a variety of sources. Some of them are obviously more common than others are. Among the most frequent causal factors of accidents on a subway are:

* Falling off a platform

* Slipping and falling on the platform

* Getting hurt by a turnstile

* Being pushed back by the closing subway doors

* Falling down a broken escalator

* Being involved in a train derailment

* Being struck by a subway train

* Electrocuted by coming into contact with the train tacks

* Being assaulted and/or robbed in the station or on the train

These are possible even at College Park subway station in Maryland. The results of such negligent actions by the company can result in severe damage to the person.

Potential Results of Metro Accidents

If you are lucky, you may escape severe consequences from a subway accident. You may only suffer from a bruise or a scratch. Yet, serious injuries can potentially occur. Among the possible health issues are:

* Spinal injury

* Twisted ankles

* Broken bones including legs and arms

* Head injury

* Brain injury

The result can be a very expensive medical bill. Rehabilitation and follow-up surgery could take months and even years. It could affect your lifestyle, your overall health and your ability to earn a living for yourself and/or your family.

Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have become a victim of a subway incident through no fault of your own, talk to a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer. When it comes time to Metro accidents in College Park, he or she will know the best course to take to make you whole.

If you have been involved in any of the possible Metro Accidents in College Park, talk to the experienced and effective legal law representatives at the Jaklitsch Law Group. Their persistence in legal affairs is sure to win you over. To discover more about the firm and what it has to offer, visit them online

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