Do You Need A Chapter 13 Attorney?

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Attorney

Debtors are free to file for bankruptcy protection without having to involve an attorney. However, with the complications that may arise along the way, it is recommended to hire a bankruptcy attorney, especially when dealing with chapter 13. When filing for bankruptcy under chapter 13, a debtor is required to detail a bankruptcy trustee on how he or she is going to pay the creditors. If accepted, the payment plan may become the basis of reference. A debtor is expected to fill all the documents, answer questions and get ready for hearings if at all any issues arise requiring him or her to attend court proceedings. All these issues can be daunting, especially considering that you are already suffering emotionally.

Chapter 13 Attorneys Know How to Prepare Workable Repayment Plans

It is worth hiring a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney who has handles similar cases and helped debtors develop repayment plans that later were approved. First, your attorney will assess your financial situation and determine if chapter 13 is the right chapter for you. He will then discuss with you and detail you on the best way of coming up with a repayment plan that a bankruptcy trustee is likely to approve. Since bankruptcy trustees have experience in dealing with trustees, they understand the areas that need to be addressed before filing the plan.

Chapter 13 Attorneys Will Protect Your Property

The intention of filing for bankruptcy under chapter 13 is to protect your property. Attorneys experienced in handling these issues understand that you have worked so hard to own the property. Therefore, these lawyers know how to talk with mortgage companies, yours being one of them. They also understand all the tricks and the rules they can follow to safeguard the property of their client.

The last thing you want to deal with is a dismissed repayment plan. If a bankruptcy trustee dismisses your repayment plan, it means that you do not have any protection and that you may not achieve your goals of protecting them. Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, such as Sean C. Paul Attorney at Law who is keen to detail and capable of crunching the numbers can make a difference between being dismissed and being approved and eventual protection for your property.

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