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Knowing When to Call a Personal Injury Attorney

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Lawyers

Some individuals that become injured due to someone else’s negligence or fault are often confused about knowing when to call a personal injury attorney. This area of law is highly specialized, and law firms that only deal with these kinds of cases will typically have a better strategic approach to investigating the cause and surrounding conditions that might have led to the accident. There are some top Joliet injury lawyers that have made a good name for their firms by taking on and systematically proving their client’s cases. It is always better to at least discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer as most offer free consultations.

If someone falls while on someone else’s property, it may be the fault of the property owner. While unexpected weather conditions can sometimes be in favor of that property owner, other laws on the books that dictate proper and prudent safe property maintenance for areas where others might walk can result in that property owner being found negligent for various reasons. Perhaps the sidewalk was icy, or a grocery store’s floor was wet without proper sign alerts. These instances can make those property owners liable for any damages if someone inadvertently gets hurt. These busy Joliet injury lawyers have the necessary background and experience to handle these sorts of court scenarios.

Other times to consider calling a personal injury attorney include cases where a person becomes injured after a waitress spills hot coffee on them resulting in serious burns, when a cab driver fails to drive the safe speed limit posted and hits another vehicle, after a new window shatters causing cuts to bystanders due to improper installation and so on. For more information on when to contact Joliet injury lawyers, visit Shea Law Group at https://www.shealawgroup.com. Phone our office for appointments.

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