How Criminal Defense Lawyers in Auburn Can Help You

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Lawyers

If you are considering representing yourself in a criminal case, you should reconsider. Criminal defense lawyers in Auburn are able to help you in ways you may not even have considered. In most cases, criminal cases require severe fines or even prison time. You definitely want to have help on your side when facing these types of charges.

What Lawyers Can Do

Criminal defense cases don’t always go to trial. When people think of attorneys, they think of a big trial with a lot of jurors, spectators and a judge. Though some cases will ultimately go to trial, not all will. If you are facing a criminal charge in Auburn, you may think you don’t need a lawyer if you aren’t going to trial, but you should.

Criminal defense lawyers will be able to ask questions to the witness and cross-question the witness, along with call witnesses. However, an attorney can also negotiate plea bargains and help with emotional problems.

If you have been charged with some type of criminal crime, you are likely worried, scared and not thinking clearly, which will take an emotional toll on your mind and body. An attorney can help you relax and think about the big picture and getting you out of trouble.

Many criminal defenses allow you to plead guilty for a lesser sentence. If you did the crime, you might very well wish to enter a plea of guilty to get a reduced sentence and the lawyer will make sure you are treated fairly. Also, if you plead innocent and are found guilty of criminal wrong-doing in Auburn, the lawyer will work hard to get you a shorter sentence, if possible.

Case Types

There are many different types of criminal cases out there, including drug crimes, sexual assault, domestic violence, murder, theft, illegal weapons charges, white collar crimes, shoplifting, harassment, reckless driving, misdemeanors and DUI. Each of these types of cases requires different abilities, so it is important to choose lawyers that can handle your type of case.

Less severe cases can include shoplifting and misdemeanors, which could be a little easier to handle, but not on your own. Others, however, are very severe. These can include murder, DUIs and anything to do with drugs or violence. These cases will require a lot more work on the lawyer’s part, but he or she will do everything possible to make sure the truth is told and that you have fair representation.

Criminal defense lawyers in Auburn do so much more than just call witnesses and yell in court. Consider Yoder & Kraus PC lawyers will help you with your criminal charges. Like us on Facebook.

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