Innocent Until Proven Guilty

by | Nov 7, 2012 | Legal Services

In this country, you are presumed until you are proven guilty. While this is the law, many times other people don’t see that. When your neighbors and family see you being hauled off for questioning, more times than not, they may assume the worst. If you are facing criminal charges and you are innocent, it’s time to hire a criminal lawyer in Daytona Beach to represent you.

Any time in a police station, especially in a cell with other criminals can be very scary. You are in the same area with hardened criminals and people who are proud of their wrong doing. In truth, you didn’t even the commit the crime of which you are being accused and no one seems to believe you. Because it is your first charge, you are allowed to post bail and go home but what is the next step to prove your innocence? You have to find an aggressive criminal lawyer in Daytona Beach that will take your side of the story and present it to a jury and judge in a way that proves your innocence. This lawyer will have the knowledge and experience to prove fallacy in the other party’s story and can even find expert witnesses in that particular area that will aid in your defense. The use of witnesses and case history will be valuable to a case of here-say. If you can prove that you are not guilty, the judge and jury will have no choice but to dismiss the charges.

A criminal lawyer in Daytona Beach will know the exact questions to ask, when to ask them, and how you should answer them. They may ask you to tell your side of things in court and then have witnesses and witness statements to back up what you’ve said. This type of collaboration with various parties helps the jury realize that not all of the people involved on your side would gain anything by lying for your defense; so they must be telling the truth. By placing any doubt in their minds, you have succeeded. Even if they don’t fully believe you are innocent, if there is a doubt in their minds you are innocent by your own accounts and from the stories, pictures, and facts from others, they will usually have to find you innocent or declare a mistrial.


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