Importance of Performing a Bankruptcy Records Search Before Filing a Lawsuit

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Legal Services

Do you need to take legal action against someone for past money they owe you? Perhaps, they are legally liable for an accident that occurred, and you want to seek compensation for them. After spending weeks or months of consulting with legal experts and gathering evidence to support your case. You want to ensure a successful court case before you file a civil suit against another individual. However, the success of the case can be placed at risk if the individual you are filing against has filed a bankruptcy. Which can result in not receiving a satisfying verdict to compensate for your losses. That is why before filing a lawsuit, bankruptcy records search in Ontario should be performed on the individual.

Why You Need to Know if They Filed a Bankruptcy

  • Prevents you from spending thousands of dollars on attorneys for a case that you cannot recoup your cost.
  • Avoid wasting valuable time on gathering witnesses and evidence on a case you cannot win.
  • Bankruptcy records search in Ontario will let you know if the judgment will be valid.
  • You will know the individual has assets that are equivalent to the compensation you are seeking.
  • The ruling is meaningless if you cannot collect the reward.

Obtain the Information You Need with a Trusted Company

Before you start the process of filing a civil suit, Select Document Services Inc. can provide the services you require to ensure a successful ruling. They can research if the individual has filed for debt relief and when the bankruptcy was discharged. When you have access to this information, it can help you determine whether you will benefit when filing the lawsuit against the individual. Why waste time and money trying to collect on a judgment if the funds are not available to help you gain a fair compensation.

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