If You’re Facing Foreclosure in Fairfield OH, Contact An Attorney Today

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Attorney

Facing foreclosure is a scary position to be in. Your thoughts wonder to where you can live, how long can you stay in your house and what will happen to you and your family. Don’t go through Foreclosure in Fairfield OH alone.

Your lender will normally make attempts to contact you about your past due mortgage payments as part of the first step. Do not ignore your lender even if you don’t currently have the money to pay them. When you don’t answer the calls, normally they believe you’re not willing to pay them ever and will keep the process moving.

Just because you’re a couple payments late doesn’t mean you instantly have to move from your home, but more missed payments means the lender will continue with the foreclosure process. The lender will next send you a notice of default demanding payment on your loan. If you don’t pay they will then hire a local attorney to file a foreclosure notice and send you a copy of the complaint and you are required to file an answer with the courts. Even if you file an answer it doesn’t mean the foreclosure proceeding stops.

This would be a great time to hire an attorney as part of this process. To try and save your home, hiring an attorney to look at your options is probably a good idea. They may suggest to you that you need to file for bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy, this will slow down the process a bit. In addition if the procedure continues and you are not served properly for the eviction from your home, you have an attorney there to stop you from becoming homeless.

If the foreclosure procedure continues with an attorney, the courts will continue to grant motions for a default judgement and will issue an order of sale for your property. Not having proper legal representation may leave you homeless if you don’t know what the exact laws are from a reputable foreclosure attorney.

You should Visit R. Dean Snyder Attorney to have him explain what your rights are and options available to you as a homeowner before your home is gone forever to a sheriff sale.


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