Hiring a Skilled South Portland Attorney to File Your VA Benefits Claim

The process of filing for veterans’ benefits can be more complex and time-consuming than that involved in getting civilian Social Security disability. The military tribune assigned to your case requires you to submit a wealth of paperwork along with evidence to back up your claim of being seriously injured or ill.

Because of how complicated the process can be, you do not want to undertake it on your own. You can hire a lawyer for a VA disability claim to take your case and walk you through the process of filing and receiving your military benefits successfully.

Filing Your Claim

The process of receiving VA disability benefits begins with you filing an official claim with the military tribunal court. Your lawyer for a VA disability claim can get all of the initial documents filed so that your case can be scheduled on the docket. These initial documents can include proof of your name, age, military rank, and disability.

After this paperwork is on file with the court, you then could face having to go to more doctors’ appointments to verify your physical and mental health. These additional reports will be filed with the court so that the judge has a viable idea of whether or not you are truly disabled and entitled to benefits from these military funds.

Making an Appeal

Most initial claims are denied unless the claimant suffers from a terminal illness or condition that robs him or her of one of the major senses like sight. You can expect to file an appeal as a matter of formality. Your lawyer can prepare the second case right away and get it on the court’s docket for reconsideration.

You can find out more about hiring a VA disability lawyer online. Contact Jackson & MacNichol at our website to request more information.

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