Divorce Mediation in Elmwood Park is Less Stressful and Cost-Effective

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

There are few life events that can evoke the emotions and the drama of a divorce; lives are being altered, relationships are being realigned, and there is the anxiety that goes along with separation. If there are children involved the feeling can run even higher and the impact on their lives has to be taken into account. In a traditional, adversarial approach to divorce, differences are often resolved in public, during the proceedings, and the environment can lead to negative emotions and hurtful comments, which serve no real purpose. While the Divorce Mediation Elmwood Park process is not appropriate in all cases, it does have many aspects to recommend it. Properly executed, it can be a more confidential and efficient process, and in terms of overall effectiveness, the results may be far superior.

In the Divorce Mediation Elmwood Park model, the parties agree to present their positions to a neutral third party mediator. Each party can be assisted by an attorney in order to help them effectively mediate. The attorneys can help the parties to better present their needs and interests, help them understand the basic strategies of dispute resolution, make sure they fully understand their legal rights, help find avenues of compromise, and be ready for any procedural issues that may come up.

Divorce Mediation Elmwood Park can help address the same issues as an adversarial divorce, such as property distribution, the division of assets and liabilities, child and spousal support, custody and visitation, but it can take place in a less stressful atmosphere, and without all of the costs that can be associated with a drawn out court battle. Taking advantage of the services of an attorney who is trained in this type of dispute resolution can give you some peace of mind as well as the basic resources, tools, and knowledge you will need in order to effectively reach a favorable agreement. Divorce Mediation Elmwood Park can be effective on many different levels and the offices of Gabrielle S. Davis, P.C. will explain the options available to you if you are considering a divorce and will make certain that your rights are protected.

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